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"Gutman Crane" Company carries out design, production, installation, maintenance, repair and modernization of lifting equipment for the pulp and paper, forestry and woodworking industries. Our solutions allow you to efficiently and with a minimum budget to implement specific production tasks, increasing the productivity and profitability of the enterprise. Due to the versatility of the systems, the equipment can be easily integrated into existing technological lines and can be upgraded at any time.

Solutions for the pulp and paper industry:

  • Technological cranes for "dry" processes - winding and transporting coils.
  • Technological valves for "wet" processes - used during maintenance, etc.
  • Equipment for the delivery of primary rolls for rewinding, intermediate storage vehicle systems.
  • Equipment for carrying out the process of carrying cargo in workshops - including hoists for maintenance, monorail hoists, etc.
  • Installation, commissioning, maintenance and repair of equipment.
  • Development of project documentation according to specific requirements.

Solutions for the forestry and woodworking industry:

  • Single girder and double girder cranes for associated production processes.
  • Overhead crane tracks that ensure the movement of raw materials within the workshop.
  • Jib cranes (wall-mounted, column-mounted) for storage and handling of small-sized cargo.
  • Driving mechanisms for the movement of raw materials to the "flying saw".
  • Equipment for loading and unloading operations.

For each enterprise, our company searches for the most cost-effective and efficient solutions, including the introduction of innovations developed with the participation of machine tool manufacturers serving the timber industry. Successful work experience in the industry - over 7 years.