"Gutman Crane" Company

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Construction materials - cement, reinforced concrete products, bricks, glass, expanded clay and others - are produced in difficult conditions. Dust and gas contamination often occur at production sites, and processes often take place at high temperatures and high vibration loads. Cranes used in the building materials industry must be adapted to work in these conditions. The lifting equipment manufactured by the "Gutman Crane" Company fully meets this requirement.


Competence of our company:

design, manufacture, delivery to the customer's site and installation of cranes of various types with a wide range of speeds, smooth start and stop, gantry and bridge, single and double girder, console, light crane systems.
equipping cranes with various load-handling devices necessary in the production of building materials - traverses, grabs, brackets and others.
We have an individual approach to each client - we study the features of the building materials produced, the area and configuration of the site, other important factors, and select the equipment that is optimal for each specific case. We provide professional warranty and post-warranty service.