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Production of hoisting cranes "Gutman Crane" Company

No modern construction project can do without the use of crane technology. Cranes are also used extensively in manufacturing plants and in private work. This equipment makes lifting and moving heavy bulky loads much easier.

The main activity of our company is the production of lifting cranes, their delivery and service.

Cranes of "Gutman Crane" Company are an ideal solution for construction sites and other objects in need of equipment with high lifting capacity.

Hoisting cranes manufactured under the Gutman brand are modern equipment suitable for a wide variety of types of work. Our equipment is made from high-quality components using the latest technologies, due to which it meets all quality standards.

The main advantages of "Gutman Crane" Company:

  • the ability to work with cranes indoors and outdoors;
  • high quality technology;
  • reliable security system;
  • ease of use.

Cranes from Gutman are an example of the efficient work of professionals in the production of lifting equipment.

Delivery is carried out after the lifting devices have passed the strictest inspection and comprehensive tests. We deliver equipment on time and carry out high-quality installation of cranes at the customer's site.

Bridge crane: production, supply and service

The manufacture of overhead cranes requires close attention to detail, as this device has a rather complex design. It is important to ensure that the bridge is located strictly parallel to the direction of the crane runways, perpendicular to which the main beams are located. An overhead crane can include one or two girder elements.

Gantry crane: production and service

The production of gantry cranes has similar requirements to the production of the above-described type of cranes, since the gantry crane is also of the bridge type. The main structural element of the gantry crane is the bridge, which is bolted to two pairs of supports.

Gantry cranes and their production have become one of the most demanded activities of our company.

Our cranes are not only a reliable and efficient assistant at an affordable price, but also a unique design.

You can get detailed advice on all issues of interest from the specialists of our company, who will help you choose the most suitable solution for your enterprise and clarify the intricacies of installation work.

Order the production of cranes only from a reliable manufacturer.