"Gutman Crane" Company

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"Gutman Crane" Company is a reliable supplier of port lifting equipment, equipment for logistics complexes and container terminals, as well as services related to maintenance, automation and technological modernization of existing equipment. Our products are equipped with the latest developments in the industry and are equipped with innovative service programs, which ensure the ability to operate around the clock in a terminal environment with high throughput.

We manufacture, supply and service:

  • Equipment for unloading ships - container mooring cranes-reloaders, portal cranes.
  • Equipment for container warehouses - rear container cranes, gantry container cranes on pneumatic wheels and railways, including automatic ones.
  • Intermodal terminals - rail-mounted gantry container cranes (automatic, operated by the operator) with cargo control systems and container swaying prevention.
  • Heavy-duty container cranes for fast handling.
  • Parts, mechanisms and electronics - gearboxes, motors, control systems, etc.
  • Automation, operator safety and cargo control systems.

Cranes from the "Gutman Crane" Company are reliable, efficient and fully justify the investment. We also provide service maintenance to ensure the operability of heavy equipment throughout the entire period of operation.

Contact Guminyuk Grigory for the selection of lifting equipment +38 050 381-52-70 grigori@gutman.com.ua