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Regardless of the size of the project, the construction industry requires efficient and reliable cargo handling equipment. Our company is ready to provide developers of all levels with modern technology used in: erection of low-rise, frame and frameless buildings and structures for various purposes; construction of bridges and other structures.

In our competence:

  • Calculation of lifting capacity, development according to the questionnaire, production, delivery, installation, maintenance and repair of tower, gantry, self-lifting, bridge single-girder and double-girder construction cranes. We also carry out the dismantling of equipment upon completion of work.
  • Provision of construction sites with mobile, stationary, attachment, self-lifting tower cranes with girder boom.
  • Production, delivery to the place of use of equipment, installation of rails on overpasses or walls of a building for moving the load-bearing beams of bridge cranes, installation of a crane track for supporting and suspended crane-beams in indoor and semi-covered rooms.
  • Delivery and installation of gantry cranes used for assembly of prefabricated industrial and civil structures.
  • Installation and dismantling at the end of construction of jack-up cranes. This equipment is mounted directly on the supporting structures of the building, and as it is erected, it moves vertically upward using a hydraulic mechanism.
  • Completing the existing crane equipment with additional accessories - cargo hooks, magnets, winches, grabs, etc.
  • Maintenance and repair of construction cranes in the conditions of an existing construction site.
  • Modernization of construction cranes of the old stock in order to increase the efficiency of the equipment.
  • Turnkey delivery and installation of lifting equipment at construction sites.

The choice of the type of crane is carried out on the basis of the category of the structure or building, its design dimensions, the maximum weight of prefabricated elements, construction technology, as well as the placement of lifting equipment in the general plan of the built area. In addition, the equipment must provide the entire list of envisaged technological processes. Successful work experience in the industry - over 10 years.


Contact Guminyuk Grigory for the selection of lifting equipment +38 050 381-52-70 grigori@gutman.com.ua