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Crane equipment used in the petrochemical industry is forced to work in corrosive environments that negatively affect the components and mechanisms of the equipment. Explosive mixtures, in the immediate vicinity of which lifting mechanisms operate or explosive gases, in the environment of which cranes can operate, make special requirements for the design of lifting mechanisms. Our company is a supplier of equipment and components that meet stringent standards for the petrochemical industry.

In the competence of our company:

  • Supply of fire-safe and explosion-proof lifting equipment (VBI).
  • Design and manufacture of overhead coke oven cranes with spans up to 46 m and an independent movable cabin for maximum visibility. The equipment is optimal for large areas with a dedicated coke drying area.
  • Delivery of individual units and mechanisms, for example, drums and rope blocks, gear wheels, bearings, load cells, etc.
  • Reliability analysis, testing, service and repair of mechanisms without the need to stop production.
  • Modernization of lifting equipment, introduction of intelligent control and monitoring systems.
  • Heavy-duty crane design takes into account the many components needed to operate efficiently in near-continuous production and harsh environments.

Most of the manufactured products are equipped with standardized mechanisms, which allows you to optimize the number of unique spare parts and significantly reduce the cost and delivery and / or production time.

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