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Construction of prefabricated chicken coops

In the case of industrial chicken breeding, it is beneficial to build a metal frame chicken coop. It is easy to insulate it using modern materials. A winter chicken coop made of light metal structures will be inexpensive.

Construction of a hangar for chickens and chickens based on a metal frame has the following advantages:

  • a shallow foundation will optimally ensure the stability of the structure;
  • metal structures will not deteriorate from the manifestations of the weather, from the wind. Fungus, mold, rust will not appear on them, since the metal is protected by an anti-corrosion coating;
  • predators, rats cannot reach the poultry population in a metal chicken coop;
  • metal structures are fireproof.

Compared to a permanent building, metal frame poultry houses are an economically viable solution.

A typical project of a modern chicken coop takes into account all the features of keeping chickens.


  • drinkers, feeders, perches;
  • an open-air cage (on the south side);
  • utility compartment;
  • wintering block;
  • ventilation and heating system.