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Overpasses for technological pipelines

The need to equip overpasses is due to the fact that they greatly facilitate loading and unloading operations at industrial and agricultural enterprises, warehouses, workshops and reduce costs. In turn, cable and technological racks make it possible to facilitate the maintenance of cable systems and pipelines, as well as equip them if their underground connection is not possible due to the peculiarities and characteristics of the soil, as well as the climatic conditions of a particular area.


When designing the design parameters, not only the weight of the systems that will be laid with its help is taken into account, but also the additional loads created by wind, atmospheric precipitation, etc. Timely consideration of all factors allows you to get a reliable and safe flyover capable of performing its functions for a long time.

Manufacturing of metal structures for columns.

Column metal structures are supporting elements in the structural scheme of an object under construction and are usually made of wide-flange I-beams or various rolled profiles. There are also types of column metal structures that are made from pipes of various diameters or from metal corners. Typically, these column metal structures are used for light loads.