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Thermal cutting of metal.

Our "Gutman Crane" Company metalwork plant carries out work on cutting sheet metal on a Turkish gas-plasma cutting machine (pantograph) with the possibility of computerized optimal cutting of metal. Precision manufacturing, cutting speed and minimal waste allow us to offer optimal quality in a short time.
With the help of our gas-plasma installation, we can provide cutting of metal with a thickness of up to 300 mm (gas cutting) and up to 50 mm (plasma cutting). The maximum size of the processed sheet metal is 3m * 12m.

Thermal cutting of metal with plasma and gas

Gas-plasma cutting is a modern type of metal cutting using a jet of plasma and gas as a cutter. Gas-plasma cutting is promising, simple and safe, cost-effective cutting of metal, in comparison with laser methods and technologies for cutting sheet metal, low rates of metal deformation during cutting.

Gas plasma cutting is a progressive high-performance method for cutting metals and refractory materials such as alloyed and carbon steels, cast iron, non-ferrous metals (titanium, copper, aluminum) and their alloys. The temperature in the plasma arc reaches 30,000 ° C, which ensures high purity and quality of the surface of the metal cut, makes it possible to complex figured cutting of products and parts from sheet metal, the shape of the cuts can be almost any.