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Construction of prefabricated buildings for agricultural purposes for animal husbandry

To increase the profitability of agriculture, the construction of new warehouses, storage facilities, farms and agricultural buildings is carried out using frame technology. Pre-fabricated agricultural hangars are assembled from metal structures and wall and roof coverings. Projects developed:

  • for the installation of buildings for various purposes:
  • hangars for storage and repair of equipment;
  • hangars for animals.

The price of a building is determined by its dimensions, operating conditions. For cold and warm regions, different types of sandwich panels are used. This allows you to always maintain a comfortable temperature in the rooms.

Prefabricated agricultural hangars are built at any time of the year. Ready modules are transported even to remote regions, installation on a light foundation is carried out in a short time.
The buildings can withstand wind and snow loads of the area for which they are designed. They have a large margin of safety, so you can build agricultural farms, cowsheds, chicken coops, stables of a large area. The premises are equipped with all communications necessary for the work process.