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Construction of building frames from metal structures

The metal structures of prefabricated buildings have many advantages, and it is difficult to single out the most important thing. But still, based on personal experience, we note that these are:

  • speed of assembly and assembly work
  • strength and reliability of structures
  • relatively small mass
  • economy and all-weather construction

In addition, the metal structures of prefabricated buildings must be dismantled, followed by assembly, but in a different place.

The production of buildings from metal structures can be carried out according to standard or individual projects. Naturally, the final cost will also depend on the degree of complexity of the project. After manufacturing, metal structures of prefabricated buildings are transported to the construction site for installation. And here, again, it is worth drawing your attention to the expediency of carrying out complex turnkey services. After all, the installation of metal structures is a kind of assembly of a finished building, where additional work and equipment may be required, although not always. Nevertheless, who else but the manufacturer of steel structures for prefabricated buildings himself will be able to carry out assembly and construction work extremely clearly and quickly, while not straining the Customer with additional costs?

Calculation of the project of metal structures of prefabricated buildings is carried out on a computerized basis, and lasts no more than two weeks. If necessary, along with the calculations, pre-construction work can begin, with the preparation of the site for construction. Complex turnkey services allow to reduce the production time of buildings from metal structures, and even taking into account any architectural complexity of a pre-fabricated structure.

When manufacturing metal structures to order, we offer our Clients discounts and additional services, which you can find out about by phone! Call us! We will offer you the production of buildings from metal structures at the best prices!