"Gutman Crane" Company

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Short production timeHigh quality standards

Our company designs and manufactures metal molds for reinforced concrete products, including non-standard ones according to the customer's formwork drawings. Each mold is manufactured in accordance with GOST 25781-83.

The metal mold has the following advantages:

these are solid structures with reliable connections;
they are easy and convenient to mount;
the metal mold has a fairly rigid structure, while the elements are easy to disconnect;
the component parts are simply fixed;
metal molds do not require large rooms;
designs allow casting up to 100 items per day;
metal molds are sold at relatively low prices;
metal mold is durable, does not deform in operation and serves for a long time.

Our company offers its customers a full list of necessary services for the production, installation and delivery of metal molds. The plant has many years of experience in the manufacture of all types of metal molds, which guarantees you:


  • High quality. Our metal molds are manufactured in accordance with GOST standards for the production of metal molds. Each product is tested by the Quality Control Department.
  • Original projects. The design office will take into account all your wishes and develop drawings specifically for your project for your production technology.
  • Reasonable prices. Specialized production of "Gutman Crane" Company allows you to sell metal molds at an optimal price, which depends on the weight of the product and the complexity of its manufacture. We have a progressive system of discounts and bonuses.
  • Speed ​​of order execution. The production time of the metal mold is negotiated with the Customer in each specific case. The plant has the ability to deliver products directly to the Customer.

Our repair services. In the manufacture of metal molds, the plant guarantees:

1. Manufacturing of reinforced concrete products with the required accuracy;
2. Free exit of the product from the formwork without damage;
3. The deformability of metal molds in a loaded state does not exceed the requirements of GOST 25781-83.


1. Forms are supplied complete in accordance with the list of delivery set;
2. Passport for the manufactured form;
3. Assembly drawing of the mold;
4. List of spare parts, tools, accessories and materials;
5. Drawings of wearing parts with accompanying documentation.