"Gutman Crane" Company

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Short production timeHigh quality standards

Production and installation of grain sorting and drying complexes.

Our company manufactures and assembles equipment for cleaning, sorting, and processing grain.

  • Shipment and delivery of a drying and sorting complex to any subject of Ukraine;
  • Construction and installation works from foundation pit to equipment commissioning;
  • Customer personnel training and warranty service;
  • Technical support for the entire life of the grain drying complex.
  • Our company is interested in long-term partnership, so we make modern technologies available. With us, the production of food and feed grains will be profitable.

Grain complexes: drying and sorting of grain - assembly and production.

If you decide to buy drying and sorting, then we are ready to offer:

  • Individual project. We take into account the climatic zone, the volume of processing facilities, the area for the construction of the KZS grain drying complex. After analyzing the initial data, we offer the client an individual solution.
  • Affordable price. We are equipment manufacturers, so you can be sure that our prices are optimal.
  • Convenient form of payment. You can pay in full for the drying and sorting complex or conclude a lease agreement, which will reduce the payment burden. You can get a grain drying complex at a bargain price.
  • Turnkey mehtok. We independently design equipment for the needs of the customer, manufacture, install. We control commissioning, provide service support at all stages of work and during subsequent operation.
  • High quality. We guarantee that drying, processing, storage of grain in KZS grain dryers meet the accepted standards.
  • We take into account the peculiarities of the production of seed grain in the customer's conditions. We are convinced of the durability and reliability of the manufactured equipment.