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Construction of hay bays from steel structures

Agricultural buildings for harvesting and storing hay must be strong, have sufficient capacity, and reliably protect hay from rain, wind, rodents and birds.
The pre-fabricated hay storage is constructed from metal structures, it is:

  • inexpensive in comparison with capital;
  • resistant to the external environment;
  • more durable than buildings made from local materials.

Hay storage hangars

The hay storage hangar is assembled quickly, it only needs to be assembled from ready-made elements. It has great mechanical strength, convenient design and dimensions, allowing all work to be mechanized.

When designing hay storages, they comply with fire safety standards and provide lightning protection. The list of equipment includes humidity and temperature control systems, ventilation units for drying and ventilation. For regions with a short summer, there are options for insulated hay bins made of metal structures. Standard projects for the construction of hay storage, vegetable storage have been developed, but you can make an individual order.