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Installation of non-standard metal structures

Installation of metal structures always takes into account the typicality and individuality of the project. We are ready to carry out the installation of metal structures using modern technologies and the necessary assembly mechanisms. Our company offers both ready-made (standard) pre-fabricated structures for warehouses, hangars, industrial buildings, agricultural structures, administrative, retail, office, sports, automobile, entertainment centers, as well as non-standard metal structures, the production, installation and cost calculation of which can be ordered from the company's specialists.

Depending on the degree of complexity of the project, the following basic methods of installation of metal structures differ:

  • small-element assembly - assembly and installation in the design position of individual parts of pre-fabricated structures. This is the most difficult method in terms of labor intensity and timing of the installation of prefabricated structures, since it has a huge amount of auxiliary work on the device and temporary unstucking of structures. An example of small-element assembly of metal structures is sheet-by-sheet assembly of tanks;
  • element-by-element installation - installation of metal structures by structural elements or their large parts, such as panels, columns, beams, slabs, trusses, etc. Most often, this method of installation of pre-fabricated structures is used when installing industrial pre-fabricated objects;
  • block installation - installation of metal structures, providing for the preliminary enlargement of individual metal structures into flat or spatial blocks - half-timbered columns connected by girders and ties, etc., this method of installation of pre-fabricated structures is used for the installation of steel and, less often, reinforced concrete structures. A carefully calibrated system of elements of prefabricated structures is pre-assembled on the ground, installed in the design position, and then anticorrosive protection, roofing, waterproofing, heat-insulating works and painting are performed at a height.
  • installation of metal structures in its entirety consists in the fact that the structure is assembled in a complete set and installed in the place provided for by the project. Most often, such an installation of pre-fabricated structures is used in the construction of radio masts, ventilation metal pipes, support power lines, etc.
  • the installation of metal structures ends with an expert check of the accuracy of their installation, subject to the necessary tolerances for the quality and reliability of bearing capacity.

We emphasize that solid experience and our own production base allow us to fulfill orders of varying degrees of complexity. At the same time, we guarantee to our Clients the quality of metal structures that complies with modern rules and norms of SNiP.

Note that the pricing policy of our company is distinguished by its availability and an individual approach to the budget of each Customer.

Installation of metal structures is carried out in accordance with the technical specifications of the Customer. In addition, you can use our commercial offer with complex turnkey services and choose our company as a contractor or general contractor. In this case, the installation of pre-fabricated structures will be carried out in the complex of all construction works, taking into account all your wishes and needs.

Our principle of work is an individual approach to each Customer! By contacting us, you will find a high professional level of work performance and guaranteed quality of installation of metal structures! We are waiting for your calls!