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Legal support at the construction stage

After the design work has been completed and all the necessary permits have been agreed with the authorized bodies, construction work usually begins. Their implementation is associated with the execution and observance of many regulations. In case of violation of the requirements of the legislation, the supervisory authorities have the right to suspend work until the violations are eliminated, which can lead to the loss of not only time, but also financial resources. Legal support of construction and construction companies from experienced specialists in support of construction projects and full control over all construction processes.

Legal support for a construction company includes:

Preparation and control of the entire document flow related to the legislative field at all stages of construction. Regular provision of all necessary information to the customer;
Settlement of controversial issues related to the performance of their obligations by contractors, subcontractors;
Control over the implementation of settlements and the fulfillment of other obligations specified in the contract for the construction work;
Aaliz and reporting to the customer at all stages of work.
Preparing pre-trial claims and agreeing on terms to eliminate deficiencies, if found.
Accompaniment in the process of putting the object into operation
Issues of designer and technical supervision, SRO approvals
If necessary, bidding for the selection of suppliers and contractors.
Legal support of a construction company is a responsible process in which a mistake by a lawyer can lead to serious problems. A decent organization of the process can only be organized by competent lawyers. We recommend that you be extremely responsible when choosing a contractor providing legal support to a construction company.

Within the framework of this area of ​​activity, the following is carried out:

1. Development of all types of civil contracts, including:

• contracts for investment in capital construction.
• construction contract.
• contracts for performing the functions of a technical customer.
• contracts for the implementation of technical supervision.
• contracts for the performance of design work;
• contracts for the supply of construction materials and equipment.
• shared construction contracts.
• contracts for the provision of services.
• contracts of commission and commission.

2. Legal analysis of documents:

• legal examination of contracts accompanying the implementation of an investment project.
• legal examination of documents of title to land plots for construction.
• legal examination of documents for completed and unfinished real estate objects.
• legal analysis of the completeness of the package of permits for its compliance with the current legislation.
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3. Legal advice and legal support of a construction company on the following issues:

• joining SRO
• construction activities
• registration of permits and obtaining approvals - registration of ownership or lease rights to land plots for construction.
• registration of rights to real estate objects in the authorities for registration of rights to real estate and transactions with them, incl. obtaining a certificate of state registration of property rights.
• registration of property rights to newly created real estate objects within the framework of the investment project;
• application of regulations governing construction.
• assessment of legal risks in the implementation of construction and investment activities.
• responsibility for violation of legislation in the field of construction and investment activities.
• resolution of conflict situations, including judicial and administrative disputes.
• checking the reliability and financial solvency of the counterparty.
• execution, modification or termination of contracts in court and out of court.
• conclusion of contracts with the management company, maintenance services, tenants, buyers, and other users of the premises.
• preparation of requests to state (municipal) bodies and organizations for the provision of the necessary documents and information.
• preparation of claims and lawsuits

4. Representation of interests of the participants of the investment project:

• in relations with contractors and third parties.
• when resolving disagreements out of court,
• in state and municipal authorities.
• in administrative bodies.
• in an arbitration court of all instances.
• in the process of enforcement proceedings.