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Prefabricated hangars-pigsties

With the advent of new construction techniques, the construction of a pigsty has become less expensive than the capital construction of a pig farm. Prefabricated pigsties are built using frame or frameless technology. The choice of method depends on the climatic features of the region. In a warm, winter pigsty, animals easily tolerate cold. Heating devices are placed only in the area for piglets.

Construction of pig farms

The design and installation of pigsties is done in accordance with industry standards. The latter establish the conditions for keeping pigs, determine the list of equipment needed for feeding and breeding: pigs for fattening, boars, sows.

Construction of pigsties

A typical pigsty is equipped with lighting, water supply, feed supply, ventilation, and manure storage systems. The cost of a pigsty is determined by the method of its construction. It depends on the materials used, the characteristics of the region, the planned number of animals.
Regardless of the chosen method of building a pigsty, it must have all the main and auxiliary premises:
machines for pigs, a place for walking;
laboratory, washing, feed storage.

Using metal structures, you can successfully build cowsheds.