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Construction of industrial rabbit farms

The construction of a rabbitry in terms of time and price depends on the typical project. If you separate rabbits by gender or do not separate them at all, it will be much easier to build a hangar for rabbits, making individual "cameras" for them will be more expensive and longer.

Order from us the construction of turnkey rabbitries. We build from small summer to winter insulated buildings for agricultural purposes: pigsties, cattle hangars, poultry farms.

Every rabbit farm needs a room to keep animals, and more than one. As a rule, in addition to the cage where the pets will be housed at night, you need either a paddock for daytime walking, or a door separating the rabbitry so that the animals do not reproduce without permission and do not contact each other.

For the room in which the animals are kept, a stern compartment and a "nesting" place are also required.