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Sheepfold construction

For the productive breeding of sheep, it is necessary to take care of a good hangar - a sheepfold. Prefabricated buildings made of metal structures are great for keeping sheep. Metal frame structures do not require a powerful foundation. Metal elements are protected from corrosion, so the building will last a long time, will not lose strength and appearance.
The construction of sheepfolds is carried out according to standard projects. The size of the barn is planned according to the standard.

The main criterion for choosing a project:

  • type of livestock (sheep);
  • number of goals (100, 200, 500).

Because of the developed herd instinct, animals like to stray into a herd. They themselves emit a sufficient amount of heat, so the sheep shed is not heated during the cold season. Insulated walls, the roof of the barn will reliably protect the livestock from the cold. You can plan some reserve area - the number of sheep will change, lambs will appear. But in an overly spacious room, the animals will be cold.

Sheepfolds and farms for cattle also provide for the presence of natural and electric lighting, provide the possibility of ventilation and mechanized cleaning.