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Short production timeHigh quality standards

Modern stables made of metal structures:

  • cheaper than brick-built ones, they are built faster. They don't need a deep foundation;
  • require less heating costs. The walls and roof of the stable hangar have good thermal insulation properties. In the southern regions, the heat generated by the animals is sufficient for heating.

The design of the stables is carried out taking into account modern requirements for the standards of keeping horses. The choice of the type of building is determined by the breed and purpose of the horses, the composition of the herd.


In addition to the pre-fabricated stables, farms are built from light metal structures.

Construction of prefabricated stables

When building a stable for stall or group keeping, it is necessary to equip feeders and drinkers in it, you can build stalls. It is imperative to provide for the presence of auxiliary rooms, boxes:

  • for storing dry food;
  • for veterinary procedures;
  • for storing inventory.

The elements of the supporting frame of the hangar for the stable are manufactured at the factory, delivered to the site, and assembled.