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Construction of hangars for the Cowshed.

Easy-to-build barns have several advantages over traditional barns. For pre-fabricated barn hangars:

  • small metal consumption;
  • high manufacturability of production.
  • assembly from ready-made elements made at the factory;
  • the galvanized surface of the metal frame resists well the appearance of corrosion, the development of mold and mildew, which are dangerous for livestock.

When building a cowshed or stables from light metal structures, it is not necessary to lay a massive foundation, therefore construction work is carried out in any season of the year.


When designing a typical barn, the requirements for breeding cattle (loose, tethered) are taken into account. The project includes:

  • creation of an optimal microclimate. Only at a comfortable temperature do cows give a lot of milk of the required fat content, consume less feed;
  • ensuring good ventilation. Adequate fresh air improves the well-being of the cows;
  • maintaining cleanliness (disposal of waste products).

In a typical barn, stalls, areas for walking, auxiliary rooms for storing feed, inventory, chemicals, containers, and finished products are placed.