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Electric hoists (electric hoists) have a different design, carrying capacity, operating modes, lifting and travel speeds. The electric hoist can be used as an integral part of cranes, as well as an independent mechanism for lifting loads. Electric hoists consist of the following structural parts: gearbox, brake, drum or sprocket, simple block mechanism and other elements.


Buy electric hoists (telphers) in "Gutman Crane" Company:

  • stationary Yantra (only vertical lifting and lowering of the load)
  • mobile with the Yantra monorail trolley (except for lowering and lifting, horizontal movement is also carried out
  • mobile low headroom Yantra
  • movable chain Skladova Tehnika

The hoists can also be supplied in an explosion-proof design.

Criteria for choosing an electric hoist:

  1. Maximum load;
  2. Lift height;
  3. Lifting speed;
  4. Working hours;
  5. Movement speed;
  6. Polyspast;
  7. Constructive execution

It is very important to choose the optimal hoist for lifting and moving loads, depending on the intensity and location of loading and unloading operations. In large warehouses, large-scale construction projects, a high speed of movement of goods is important, and in rooms with a limited lifting height, but with a large number of loading and unloading operations, the hoist is selected according to the intensity of the loads.

When selecting the optimal price and technical characteristics of electric hoists, you can also contact our office managers for advice.