"Gutman Crane" Company

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List of design works


QOL section

  • Foundations (buildings, structures, for machines with dynamic loads, underground galleries, foundations for construction cranes).
  • Retaining walls, pit fences
  • Bearing frame of buildings and structures (up to 24 floors), incl. in seismic conditions.

KM section

  • Metal structures of buildings and structures (frames of industrial buildings, crane tracks, towers, platforms, galleries for technological lines, technological pipelines, cable racks), incl. in seismic conditions
  • Development of projects (including non-standard options) for fastening cranes and hoists to the building


Construction production technology

  • Development of construction management projects (POS).
  • Development of projects for the installation, dismantling of tower cranes and construction hoists, technological equipment, machine units and mechanisms.
  • Development of work projects (PPR) using lifting mechanisms (tower and mobile cranes, construction hoists).
  • PPR for the preparatory period of construction.
  • PPR for the main period of construction.
  • PPR for certain types of work
  • PPR for the dismantling of buildings and structures
  • PPR for all types of construction and installation work.
  • Development of new and adaptation of existing technological maps (TC) in accordance with the requirements of state regulations and the situation at the facility.
  • Development of technological regulations.
  • Delivery of projects for examination, project support during the examination period
  • Verification and analysis of constructive and technological solutions used in projects.