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A supporting or suspended girder crane (single-girder bridge crane) is a type of bridge crane. Its peculiarity is a bridge - a movable structure to which a hoist or a trolley with a load gripper is attached. The bridge is usually an I-beam supported by end beams (also I-beams or box-shaped).

Types of single girder bridge cranes:

  • overhead traveling cranes, hand-held, single girder
  • overhead cranes, manual, single-girder
  • single-girder electric overhead traveling cranes
  • single girder electric overhead traveling cranes
  • electric overhead traveling cranes, single-girder, two-span

On the end beams, wheels are installed, with the help of which the carrying beam is moved. The girder crane is used in production: in workshops, during construction, in open and closed warehouses and at loading and unloading areas. They are focused on different lifting capacities: starting with small manual lifting capacities up to 1 ton, and ending with powerful industrial lifting capacities.


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