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Gantry cranes are designed for loading and unloading various heavy loads in closed warehouses or open warehouses (its design allows it). A gantry crane for general use can have a lifting capacity of up to 60 tons, and a span of about 34.5 meters.


How to choose an electric gantry crane

When choosing, first of all, it is necessary to determine the required dimensions of goods and their weight. Then it is important to understand where you can use the purchased crane, and how large is the space on which the device will be operated.

Gantry crane price, sale

Rest assured, experienced specialists will help you choose the most suitable option, taking into account all the technological processes that are present at your enterprise. The price of a gantry crane depends on a number of characteristics of the final equipment, which you will be told in detail about when meeting with our specialists. We will help not only to choose the right gantry crane, the sale of which is carried out through our Kiev branch, but also to help in the installation of equipment, its configuration and further operation.

The "Gutman Crane" Company gantry crane is the best lifting device

Are you faced with the task of organizing the construction of a large facility? Then you must understand that such work cannot be carried out without cranes - special hoisting machines that can facilitate the process of working with weights.

Modern gantry cranes (another name: gantry gantry crane) are made of high-quality materials using innovative technologies, which allows them to boast of excellent characteristics: ease of operation, reliability and safety, versatility of use in various conditions.

It should be noted that the design of this type of crane has many advantages over other types of cranes. The design of the gantry crane is box-shaped or it is also called sheet-girder. It has increased fatigue strength, and the load (or support) trolley makes it possible to increase the reliable use of the crane, and also helps in the maintenance of the gantry crane.

Advantages of "Gutman Crane" Company Gantry Cranes

Gantry cranes from the manufacturer "Gutman Crane" Company have the following characteristics:

  • ease of management,
  • reliability and strength of structures,
  • the ability to carry out repair work,
  • long service life,
  • relatively low cost.

"Gutman Crane" Company adheres to all established norms and quality standards in manufacturing gantry cranes.

Various cranes are used in civil and industrial construction, handling and other works. Electric gantry cranes differ significantly in their characteristics, and, therefore, in price. The price of a gantry crane also depends on a number of factors, for more details please contact the sales department.

Gantry crane repair

Crane repair is a service that you can use if necessary. We have all the necessary equipment for diagnostics and repair, as well as a full staff of qualified specialists. By ordering a crane repair service from "Gutman Crane" Company, you will ensure the maximum lifespan of your lifting equipment.

Crane design

If necessary, you can order a crane project and make a gantry crane for working with very large and heavy loads (overhead crane, construction and installation gantry crane) or choose a general-purpose model (conventional gantry crane). It is also possible to choose a relatively budget option - an overhead crane.