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Crane radio control

A convenient way to make your work easier and more comfortable is to use radio-controlled cranes.

The crane radio control system is used in factories or warehouses where lifting equipment is required. The radio remote control for the crane contributes to better work and helps to quickly carry out all the actions. You can buy radio control of a crane in our company, managers will help you with the selection of the necessary equipment.

There are many systems for radio-controlled cranes, all of which have many advantages and benefits.

Radio control makes it possible to make cranes safer, upgrade them and speed up their work. In addition, it will facilitate the work of the personnel and will help the employees to carry out all the necessary operations during the work without resorting to the assistance of a crane operator.

Benefits of radio-controlled cranes

The transfer of cranes to radio control will allow solving many technological problems in terms of efficiency and productivity of work in production:

  • the possibility of free movement of cranes, without the need to reduce speed, even in cluttered places;
  • speed and accuracy of operations (the work process is accelerated, and loads are moved much more accurately than with cabin control);
  • synchronous movement of goods (using one control panel, transportation is carried out simultaneously with two cranes);
  • improving working conditions, increasing the level of safety at the enterprise;
  • efficiency is provided (due to the reduction of "idle" runs of the crane);
  • the radio control system can be connected to any crane with an electric drive, leaving all its parameters;
  • radio-controlled cranes reduce personnel costs.

Disadvantages of radio controlled cranes

A radio-controlled overhead crane also has some disadvantages that can arise with a radio-controlled crane system:

  • for workers who work with a crane, it will be necessary to take advanced training courses;
  • to install the system, you will need to reconstruct lifting equipment, depending on its configuration;
  • the need for regular maintenance of the system.

But, all the disadvantages can be easily avoided with the help of manufacturers and those enterprises that already use these systems. The advantages of the radio control system for the crane are much more, and they surpass all minor flaws.

Crane radio control

Overhead traveling cranes are radio controlled using a special small control panel.

There are two types of remotes:

  • remote control with a command device;
  • push-button panel.

The control panel with the command device has two contactless command devices. The push-button panel for controlling the crane girder has 4-12 buttons for control, as well as buttons for signal commands and a special emergency button.

The transfer of cranes to radio control is appropriate in such areas as:

  • metallurgy;
  • industry;
  • mining industry;
  • building.

The lifting equipment of each of these industries can be converted to radio control. Representatives of various industries are often interested in radio control for cranes, their optimization, maintenance costs and increasing their productivity.

Radio control of cranes gives new opportunities and working conditions, you just need to choose the necessary system and install it in your production.

With the help of remote control of the crane and crane beams, you can significantly simplify the management and operation of this equipment, in addition, significantly strengthen your business.

"Gutman Crane" Company invites you to install radio control cranes. The price is indicated on the website, we guarantee quality goods and professional service.