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Bridge cranes metallurgical

Bridge cranes metallurgical are designed to work with molten and red-hot metals in the shops of metallurgical and machine-building plants.


Metallurgical bridge cranes are distinguished by:

  • heavy and very heavy duty (A5 - A8) protection against the effects of extremely aggressive environments
  • increased level of reliability and safety
  • increased thermal protection of the cab and equipment
  • smooth running in the entire load range
  • the degree of protection of electrical rooms and equipment is not lower than IP54
  • use of heat-resistant protective sleeves for cable laying
  • increased maintainability, quick replacement of units
  • possibility of long-term operation in case of failure of one of the engines before its replacement
  • no restrictions on the combination of working movements
  • increased safety margins of components and ropes
  • automated collection and display of information about the condition of the equipment and the current parameters of the crane