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Construction of hangars for storage of potatoes

Construction of potato storage
Farm potato storage - a pre-fabricated structure for solving urgent agricultural problems
The potato storage is capable of protecting potatoes from the harmful effects of moisture, precipitation and pests and ensuring its zoned storage, quick sorting and shipment. It is a modular structure, which is created on the basis of a rigid frame and sheet metal.

Why build a steel sheet potato storage facility?
Thin-walled structures do not require the organization of a heavy and deep foundation. And the ease of assembly does not mean hiring a team of builders. These characteristics make it possible to reduce labor costs and the budget allocated for construction.

The rigidity of the structure should also be noted. When designing a warehouse for potatoes, profiled sheets or metal panels are selected for it, which comply with the GOST standard, for example, galvanized steel. Fasteners, floors and frame elements are checked for compliance with TU. The result is a hangar that is not afraid of wind, cold, heavy rain and hail. At the same time, a potato storage capacity of 1000 tons or more can be calculated.

To ensure proper storage and quickly reject spoiled potatoes, we offer regional farmers a convenient and zoned potato storage facility.