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Design and installation of long-term grain storage systems

Our company is engaged in the production and installation of long-term grain storage systems and recommends that agricultural enterprises use only them. The grain storage facility guarantees the preservation of quality and compliance with the technical requirements of the final product.

Typical floor metal granaries are created according to a standard design for different volumes. In addition, there are individual solutions for grain storage silos.
Service of the order begins with design and survey work and budgeting. After preparing the site, lay the foundation and lay the main communications. Ready-made blocks of arched hangars are delivered for grain storage. They install metal structures and carry out assembly and construction work. The final stage is the installation of equipment and the delivery of the building.
Our company carries out the production, construction and installation of turnkey grain silos at an affordable price in a short time. Contact our manager Guminyuk Grigory by phone number +380 50 38-152-70 and we will discuss your project.

Composition and purpose of the Grain Storage System complex

  • Long-term grain storage systems are the most reliable and demanded complex with full provision of all stages.
  • Burts and trenches. Designed for temporary storage of crops in the open air in a special container or in bulk.
  • Polymer sleeves. Multilayer bags with hermetically sealed products create conditions for storage by excluding the access of oxygen.
  • Warehouse hangar for outdoor grain storage. Floor hangars assume the placement of seeds of crops of the same variety on the floor.