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Production and installation of metal structures for grain dryers.

The design of our grain dryers has a number of advantages:

  • Uniform drying due to uniform heating of the grain. Moisture control sensors maintain optimal conditions for a stable process.
  • The body is insulated to conserve heat and reduce energy costs.
  • The formation of dust and fine waste is minimal.
  • In each stationary grain dryer, grain drying is accompanied by dust suppression and heat recovery. This increases the efficiency of the process and saves energy resources.
  • We insulate and seal structures taking into account climatic zones. Accordingly, any model can be installed at your facility at no additional cost.
  • Our grain dryers are Ukrainian-made of high quality and reliability. Their price is lower than similar foreign equipment. You can be sure that it is profitable and safe to buy from us.

Our company offers to buy a grain dryer at an affordable price. We are ready to consider forms of payment convenient for the client.

We take into account individual wishes for the project, provide service support at all stages and during subsequent operation.

We guarantee high-tech production, prompt construction of grain dryers