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Turnkey construction of vegetable stores

Crop storage is an important area in the food industry. There is almost always a demand for fresh fruits and vegetables, regardless of the season, so providing consumers with grown produce is a good business idea.

The construction of modern vegetable storage facilities can significantly reduce the percentage of crop loss. "Gutman Crane" Company offers modernized prefabricated facilities, equipped to all modern standards, with which you can store vegetables all year round before they are transported to retail outlets.

We offer the construction of vegetable stores in Ukraine from light metal structures, in which it is easy to create optimal climatic conditions and maintain cleanliness. In addition, our complete building solutions are hygienic and hygienic. Without unnecessary energy consumption, you can provide the crop with the required temperature and humidity level.

Construction of vegetable stores, price in Ukraine

Our facilities pay off very quickly, because the construction of vegetable stores can significantly reduce the loss of agricultural products. If the need arises, you can redevelop, complete or even move the complex to another place without high costs.

The construction of prefabricated vegetable stores provides for the use of prefabricated metal structures with high reliability, strength and resistance to wind loads. Here you can order a construction project in which it will be easy to sort, select and control the harvest.

We offer any complexity construction of vegetable stores, the price depends on the volume of premises and additional wishes of the customer. To ensure the best preservation of the crop, you should periodically disinfect the walls and floor.

Construction of turnkey vegetable stores, price from the manufacturer

The construction of turnkey vegetable stores allows you to get a structure with an ideally thought-out project, the implementation of which will create the most favorable conditions for preserving the valuable properties of fruits, vegetables and root crops. Before starting construction work, you should think carefully about choosing a location. There is a need for good transport infrastructure and accessibility of both fruit and vegetable producers and their points of sale.

Order the construction of turnkey vegetable stores from "Gutman Crane" Company, the price will certainly surprise you, and you can be sure that the investment will pay off quickly enough.