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Wall-mounted jib cranes are equipment that is used for lifting or transporting goods. It is used in various fields of industry and cargo transportation. This crane can be used both inside production or warehouse premises, and on the territories of individual cargo terminals. Slewing jib cranes do not need floor space and can be mounted on poles, concrete walls or other equipment.

Our company supplies custom-made equipment such as cantilever wall cranes of any modification and complexity according to customer requirements.

Wall-mounted slewing jib cranes are used to work with various loads. Work can be carried out in areas limited by the angle of rotation of the console and the distance between the maximum and minimum overhangs of the load carrier.

Wall-mounted rotary crane is of two types:
crane with mechanical console rotation, which is equipped with an electric drive for console rotation. And a special electric drive makes it possible to move loads along a radius with just one push of a button;
crane with manual rotation of the console, which does not have a mechanical drive.
Turning to us you buy a quality Bulgarian-made crane.