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In order to purchase a grapple of optimal specialization, it is necessary to correctly analyze the technical characteristics. Specialists of the "Gutman Crane" manufacturing company will help you understand what needs to be taken into account when evaluating the types of grabs - the load with which the equipment will have to work and the place of direct installation of the device. The load capacity of the machine during the analysis of its capabilities is calculated as the sum of the mass of the potential load and the weight of the grapple.

Main classification of spreaders

The main parameters of the spreader are load capacity and dimensions. Containers come in 20- and 40-foot sizes, therefore, spreaders will be of appropriate sizes. These characteristics are often related, meaning that a gripper designed for a 40-foot container will have a greater lifting capacity.

At the same time, spreaders can be classified according to their operating principle:

  • Automatic spreaders. They can boast of high operating speed. The work of the slinger is minimized, the locks open and close automatically. In addition, such models are simpler and more cost-effective to maintain, since they do not use any types of energy in their operation - electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic.
  • Models with manual or semi-automatic “drive”. Currently, they are rarely used, due to the fact that, despite the affordable cost, they must be serviced by a slinger. It is much more practical to use an automatic traverse.
  • Automatic spreaders are the most popular type of device because... significantly reduce technological operations and do not require the participation of a large number of personnel. Thus, the spreader is placed above the container, the grips are adjacent to the fittings of the containers, the crane hook is lowered, a special mechanism is activated, the locks are turned and the traverse is fixed on the container for further manipulation of the cargo.