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Motor cable reels

Cable reels with a motorized electric drive are used to transfer electrical energy (through a cable wound on a reel) to various mobile consumers, such as:

  • bridge crane,
  • gantry crane,
  • portal crane,
  • workshop transfer car,
  • car pusher,
  • shiploader
  • and other equipment

Motor cable reels are usually mounted on various fixed parts of technological equipment:

  • cargo trolley,
  • crane bridge,
  • end girder of a gantry or bridge crane,
  • gantry crane supporting frame,
  • workshop transfer cart frame.

The cable reel allows you to rationally distribute the production space, protects the cable from possible damage, which increases the service life of the cable. A frequency converter (frequency control), a magnetic coupling and combined use on one cable drum of a frequency converter and a magnetic coupling can be used as cable winding adjustment.

Cable reels Spring (inertial)

A spring-driven cable reel winds flexible cables and hoses that are connected to mobile equipment that moves horizontally or vertically. The cable is wound by means of tensioned spiral springs, which are made of high quality steel. This cable reel has a small weight and dimensions, easy to install and use.

The field of application of spring cable drums is a different power supply to the following equipment:

  • magnetic washer,
  • electromechanical grab,
  • electric workshop trolley,
  • electric hoist (electric hoist),
  • electric forklift, etc.

The degree of electrical protection is IP55- IP66.

Cable reels gravity

The gravity cable reel winds the electrical cable with the required tension due to the gravity of the counterweight, which is raised and lowered by means of a load cable along the guides in a special shaft. It is used to supply power to the following lifting equipment as:

  • bridge crane,
  • gantry crane, semi-gantry crane,
  • portal,
  • and other equipment.
  • Unwinding length up to 300 m. Degree of electrical protection IP55- IP66.

Main disadvantages:

bulkiness of the design;
the need to closely monitor the condition of the cargo cable, the breakage of which may lead to the fall of the counterweight and the destruction of the structure.