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The jib crane is the most popular lifting equipment. The name jib crane is applied to jib cranes, which have, suspended from a fixed trolley or console, a lifting mechanism that moves along the jib.

The cargo trolley moves on a fixed or swivel console. Cantilever slewing cranes are widely used in various fields of industry for transportation, handling, storage operations at air temperatures from + 40 ° C to minus 20 ° C at construction sites, in production workshops and warehouses. The angle of rotation of the crane boom, depending on the model, ranges from 0 ° С to 360 ° С. The lifting capacity of jib cranes ranges from 150 kg to 10 tons or more.

A freestanding column slewing crane is a cantilever made of an I-beam or box-shaped profile, which rests on the top of a column installed on a foundation.

Slewing crane cantilever on a column with manual or mechanical rotation of the console. Designed for handling loads in the workshops of enterprises, on large areas or serving workplaces.