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Crane inspection is a mandatory procedure that is performed to diagnose and prevent breakdowns, as well as to prevent downtime of this technique.

For a high-quality examination, it is necessary to call a professional certified master-specialist who will be able to conduct an expert examination of the cranes in a short time and in the future will make an estimate for the repair and an act of inspection of the crane.

Crane inspection: what is included?

What the survey of the overhead crane includes:

  • visual diagnostics of the metal structure of the crane for the presence of corrosion, cracks, etc.
  • visual diagnostics of gearboxes, checking the oil level, which is responsible for the movement and lifting of cranes;
  • diagnostics of the crane brake system;
  • checking the traction cable;
  • inspection of cables, namely their electrical parts for insulation damage or breaks;
  • checking starters for burnout or wear of contacts, checking for damage on the case, etc.

Expert inspection of cranes is essential. Equipment that has worked out its standard term must necessarily be subjected to professional diagnostics.

Also, after carrying out such a procedure as an inspection of cranes, it is necessary to draw up a technical certificate of serviceability or an act of inspection of the crane. Certificates are drawn up in accordance with regulatory documents.

An expert survey of overhead cranes is carried out by all enterprises where this lifting equipment is used.