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When the crane equipment is no longer in use or needs to be moved to another facility, the cranes are dismantled. Installation and dismantling of cranes, regardless of its modification (dismantling of an overhead crane or dismantling of gantry cranes), is a complex technical work. Dismantling requires maximum responsibility and care, since the life and safety of the personnel present at the facility depends on it.

Dismantling work largely depends on the types of cranes. For example, a modern tower crane, like a gantry crane, can have a prefabricated structure, thus, the installation and dismantling of the gantry crane is greatly simplified.

Dismantling of a tower crane occurs, in most cases, after the completion of the construction of the building frame. When finishing work on an object, it is convenient and economical to supply materials to the floors using construction hoists.

Dismantling of bridge cranes, and gantry cranes, is carried out using special mechanisms, therefore, before starting dismantling, it is necessary to check the boom and cargo winches, as well as their braking system. The maximum load on the winch during dismantling occurs when the tower and boom are lowered. Thus, if the brakes are incorrectly adjusted, the winches may fall.

Dismantling a crane is a process that must be performed in strict sequence. Therefore, carry out inspection, installation and dismantling of cranes only with the help of professionals, and working with cranes will become much easier, more efficient and more reliable.