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  • The crane is recommended for loading and unloading operations with timber at the lower timber warehouses, timber transshipment, woodworking pulp and paper enterprises.
  • The crane is developed on the basis of a similar crane with a lifting height of 9.8 m. It features a higher lifting speed and a reduced load capacity due to this.
  • The crane can be equipped with a grab or a traverse.
  • Electrical equipment is located in a weatherproof cabinet.
  • Operating temperature range from -40° to +40°С.
  • Permissible wind speed, m/sec working condition -14; non-working state - 27.
  • Seismicity of the installation area up to 6 points according to SNiP 11-7-81.
  • The crane is equipped with manual anti-theft grips and a wind alarm.

Technical characteristics of the KKD gantry crane with a hook