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Installation of crane runways is a responsible process that must be carried out in accordance with a project developed by the crane manufacturer or employees of a specialized organization.

Installation of cranes and crane runways

In order to draw up a competent project of the crane track, you must have the following information:

  • required type of rails;
  • the maximum possible load transferred from the crane wheel to the rail;
  • the type of sleeper, its section and length;
  • required distance between sleepers;
  • the most suitable way of fastening rails to sleepers and to each other;
  • the dimensions of the ballast layer and the material from which it will be made;
  • presence / absence of gaskets between sleepers and rails, as well as the method of installing gaskets and their design;
  • gap between rails;
  • the minimum permissible value of the radius of the curve on the curved sections of the crane track;
  • dead-end stop designs;
  • the use of a device for grounding the crane track;
  • the maximum values ​​that are allowed for the total longitudinal slope and elastic settlement under the wheels;
  • permissible track width and type of rail head level.

Installation of crane runways

The rails must be fastened in such a way as to exclude the possibility of their longitudinal and lateral displacement during operation and movement of the crane. Please note that it is also necessary to completely exclude the possibility of thermal deformation of the rails when fastened by welding.

After the completion of the installation work, a delivery / acceptance certificate must be drawn up, confirming that the crane runway is ready for operation. In accordance with the points specified in the regulatory documentation, the condition of the crane runway is checked and its grounding is measured.

Installation of cranes and crane runways and reconstruction of crane runways can only be carried out by specially trained specialists. For help in this matter, we recommend contacting our company. We guarantee reliable installation of crane tracks from trusted specialists.

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