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High-quality service of cranes is one of the main tasks to be solved responsibly by the owners of crane equipment and managers of enterprises that actively use cranes and lifting mechanisms. In order to ensure safe operation and good condition of the equipment, it is necessary to regularly maintain the cranes. Where can you find enough qualified specialists in this field?

Repair and maintenance of cranes

Maintenance of cranes is aimed at preventing possible and eliminating existing equipment malfunctions. The specialists of the company "Gutman Crane" Company carry out professional maintenance and repair of cranes, thereby increasing the productivity of the lifting device.

The frequency with which maintenance and repair of cranes should be carried out depends on the frequency of operation of the equipment and can be carried out:

  • every month;
  • once a quarter;
  • every six months;
  • yearly.

After concluding a maintenance contract with our company, you can get help from our employees in case of malfunctions. We carry out a visit to the facility as soon as possible. Our employees have many years of experience in the field of crane maintenance.

Before carrying out dynamic and static tests, it is necessary to carry out repairs and full maintenance of the cranes.

Overhead crane maintenance: types of work

Maintenance and repair of cranes can include the following:

  • periodic inspection of the technical condition of lifting equipment;
  • visual inspection of the crane, lubrication of ropes and bearings;
  • checking the oil level in the gearboxes;
  • checking the operation of limit switches;
  • replacement or cleaning of contacts (if necessary);
  • maintenance of crane beams, checking and adjusting their movement;
  • checking the movement of the hoist and brakes;
  • visual inspection of welds, load rope and its lubrication;
  • checking electrical and bolted connections;
  • checking the serviceability of the frequency converter (if any);
  • checking the work of the rope-laying machine;
  • adjusting the lifting and lowering of the hook and checking the quality of the limit switches;
  • replacement of worn-out equipment parts (paid by the client);
  • technical examination.

The obligatory scope of work on the maintenance of the crane must be carried out within the time limits recommended by the manufacturer.

Please note that maintenance of cranes cannot be carried out independently. It can be carried out exclusively with the participation of specialists who have official permission to carry out this type of work. Timely service maintenance will allow you to ensure the safety of employees at the enterprise.