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It is very important to carry out overhaul of the crane runways of all lifting equipment on time. This also applies to crane tracks, on the serviceability of which the efficiency of work at the enterprise and its safety depend.

Overhaul of crane tracks is being carried out in 2 stages.

1st stage. Crane track survey

The first stage consists in examining the paths, analyzing their condition. In particular, it includes:

  • leveling - high-altitude survey;
  • inspection of guide rails and identification of defects on them;
  • study of all fasteners;
  • construction expertise - not always performed, but only if necessary.
  • II-nd stage. Elimination of crane runway defects
  • At the second stage of the repair of crane runways of overhead cranes, the very elimination of breakdowns and various defects is already carried out, in particular:
  • straightening of the crane runway;
  • defects of all fasteners are eliminated;
  • crane beams are being repaired - if necessary;
  • control leveling is carried out.

Entrust the implementation of major repairs only to professional workers who specialize in these types of work. Then you will get a really good result. Contact "Gutman Crane" Company, we will provide you with a highly efficient survey and repair of crane runways, which is carried out only by qualified personnel.
Quite often we are approached by clients who want to order the repair of crane runways of an overhead crane. And not casual, we do high-quality repair of crane tracks of overhead cranes.