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The Company "Gutman Crane" is engaged in installation work, performs maintenance operations and repairs gantry cranes of any modification.

Repair of a gantry crane from our specialists is accompanied by subsequent service and an effective guarantee. The technical service of our company provides a wide range of services (consulting, design and technical) that increase the efficiency and ensure the safe operation of cranes.

Gantry crane repair

Standard and overhaul repairs of a gantry crane are characterized by the following works:

  • replacement of the traction rope and winch;
  • replacement of wheels and hydraulic pusher;
  • change of the crane control system (control from the cab is replaced by control by radio channel or from the floor);
  • replacement of the electrical part of the crane: electric motor, cables and starters;
  • increasing the lifting capacity by strengthening the crane beam;
  • installing brakes and changing the crane span;
  • hook replacement and installation of OGP (load limiter);
  • equipping the crane with a frequency converter, which can be programmed to stop, smooth descent, change the speed of the crane, etc.

Dynamic and static tests must be carried out before use. When installing the crane in an open space, a canopy should be installed over the location of the equipment.

We supply lifting cranes complete with a passport and provide high-quality service (1 / year, 1 / half a year, 1 / quarter, 1 / month).

Repair of crane tracks for gantry cranes

Repair of gantry crane tracks, as a rule, is carried out using railway or special crane rails, however, for light structures, square-section metal products can be used.

Basic requirements for crane runways:

  • parallelism of rails (guides);
  • horizontal paths;
  • a sufficient level of strength capable of withstanding the transmitted loads on the base.
  • Installation of gantry cranes

Installation of a gantry crane includes the following services:

  • installation of the control panel;
  • installation of cable trolleys;
  • installation of a trolley current lead designed to power the gantry crane.

If you require installation and dismantling of a gantry crane, we recommend that you contact "Gutman Crane" Company for help and advice. In the event of a breakdown of equipment, we visit the client's facility and carry out repairs and service as soon as possible. Call us at the phone number listed on the website.

Order gantry crane repairs from reliable suppliers.

"Gutman Crane" Company is a company, one of the main activities of which is the repair and maintenance of semi-gantry cranes, as well as the installation of crane equipment made in any modifications.

Repair of a semi-gantry crane is carried out by our specialists in the shortest possible time and is accompanied by subsequent service. Please note that we provide a guarantee for the repair work carried out.

You can order the repair of semi-gantry cranes by contacting our sales department.

Semi-gantry crane repair

Technical service workers of our company carry out professional overhaul of a semi-gantry crane. Our employees also provide detailed advice on ensuring the operability of crane equipment. In addition, they will advise you on how to avoid accidents during crane operation.

We carry out the following types of repair work:

  • repair of semi-gantry crane tracks;
  • replacement of the worn out traction rope and winch;
  • replacement of the hydraulic pusher;
  • changing the control system of the semi-gantry crane (control from the cabin is changed to radio control or control from the floor);
  • crane painting;
  • replacement of the electric motor and gearbox of crane equipment;
  • drafting a project to strengthen the crane beam and increase the lifting capacity of the crane;
  • replacement of old drive (end) trolleys of a semi-gantry crane;
  • hook replacement.

Installation of semi-gantry cranes

Installation of a semi-gantry crane may include the following operations:

  • installation of the control panel for the lifting device;
  • installation of a trolley current lead, with the help of which the crane is powered;
  • installation of brakes and cable trolleys;
  • the actual assembly and disassembly of the semi-gantry crane.

If you need to carry out installation, dismantling of a semi-gantry crane or high-quality repair of crane runways of semi-gantry cranes or installation of crane equipment, we recommend that you contact the specialists of the "Gutman Crane" Company. We provide a decent service and eliminate the breakdown of crane equipment in a short time.