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Repair and maintenance of bridge cranes

"Gutman Crane" Company offers you various services for the repair, maintenance and installation of overhead cranes, as well as overhaul of overhead cranes. To order the required service - contact the service center of the company. Our company is engaged in all types of work related to this equipment.

Types of work on overhead cranes:

  • replacement or repair of the winch;
  • replacement or repair of the control panel;
  • replacement of the hydraulic pusher;
  • repair of the brake system;
  • installation of a frequency converter and other additional equipment;
  • setting up or installing a radio-controlled remote control;
  • installation of a trolley conductor;
  • increasing the lifting capacity of the overhead crane.

Also, our company makes canopies for outdoor use. Repair and maintenance of overhead cranes is carried out at any time convenient for you. We provide the necessary documentation for the work performed.

Overhaul of the overhead crane is also carried out by our company.

In addition, "Gutman Crane" Company provides warranty service for all overhead cranes repaired by us.

Entrust the repair of an overhead crane to our company, we guarantee a high-quality work performed and a professional approach.

Overhaul of cranes in "Gutman Crane" Company

Repair of cranes is a demanding task, since this equipment is considered one of the most important elements of the technical equipment of a construction site. We draw your attention to the fact that if you wait for time in the event of any equipment malfunctions until a complete breakdown, then a major overhaul of the cranes may be necessary. We recommend that you promptly eliminate damage and malfunctions of the crane in order to avoid large costs for future repairs.

As a rule, repair of cranes may be required due to wear of the mechanisms responsible for lifting loads. The need to repair the crane over time can also arise due to regular loads, temperature changes and many other factors.

Crane bridge repair

Routine repairs to overhead cranes may include mechanical inspection and adjustment, replacement of worn parts, adjustment of brake and safety devices, and oil changes and similar operations as required.

As for the overhaul, in this case, a complete disassembly and subsequent assembly of all mechanisms of the crane can be carried out, the replacement of most of the worn out structural parts and other labor-intensive operations.