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Bridge special magnetic cranes

Bridge special magnetic cranes are designed for handling, transport, installation and repair work in open areas of various enterprises, as well as in industrial workshops and warehouses.

Magnetic bridge cranes are equipped with a special load-gripping device - permanent or electromagnet, which allows you to grip and move sheet and profile products, ingots, scrap metal, shavings, scrap and other ferromagnetic materials. With the electromagnet removed, the magnetic cranes can work with piece weights in hook mode.


Depending on the purpose, lifting electromagnets have different shapes and designs and are divided into two main types: round and rectangular.

Bridge special magnetic cranes

The device of special magnetic cranes is similar to the device of general-purpose hook cranes. Magnetic cranes consist of a bridge with a movement mechanism, one or two trolleys with lifting and movement mechanisms, a cabin fixed to the metal structure of the bridge, and lifting electromagnets, which, when performing the necessary technological operations, are hung on a hook or on a traverse.


To move loads of various lengths, the crane can be equipped with additional replaceable traverses, which are attached to hook hangers. The traverses themselves can be of different lengths, and the number and location of magnets on the traverse can vary. Depending on the length of the transported cargo, the required number of electromagnets is suspended from the traverse, so that the load is located symmetrically relative to the axis of the traverse.


The electromagnet is powered by a direct current of 220 volts from a rectifier through a cable. In this case, the crane is equipped with an additional cable drum or basket for powering the electromagnet at a high lifting height. When operating in hook mode, the cable drum is disconnected. Load electromagnets can be mounted on a hook suspension or on a traverse (with flexible or rigid suspension) located in the longitudinal or transverse direction relative to the bridge.


Round electromagnets have a high lifting capacity and are used to grip scrap metal, scrap or slabs. These are electromagnets made of a cast sealed body, made of steel with high magnetic permeability.

Rectangular electromagnets are used to transport long ferromagnetic materials, rectangular materials or materials with a large area of ​​contact with a magnet, such as sheet and section steel, slabs, blooms, rails and forgings.


As a rule, lifting electromagnets are designed for the transportation of cold cargo, but they can be made in a heat-resistant design, which allows working with loads with temperatures up to 650 ° C, as well as in a design for operation in underwater conditions. In addition, there are varieties of electromagnets that allow you to carry out specific technological operations, for example: unloading scrap from cars or cleaning cars from scrap, transporting bundles and coils from reinforcement, circle, wire rod, reloading sheet steel in bundles, lifting coils, coils and pipes of large diameter.


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