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Rope hoists

SH wire rope hoist

System benefits:

  • five frame sizes
  • 26 S.W.L. variants up to 25,000 kg
  • can be supplied stationary or with various travel carriages
  • "U"- design makes for compact dimensions
  • maintenance-friendly, long-lasting
  • safety components for greater safety at work
  • optionally available in explosion-protected design in compliance with ATEX
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ASR 7 wire rope hoist

System benefits:

  • Standard hoist with excellent price-performance ratio
  • Reduced design for load capacities from 20,000 kg to 32,000 kg
  • Stationary design or double rail crabs for crane and systems building
  • Compact construction and short approach dimensions
  • Greater lifting height
  • Accurate load measurement, at rope anchorage as standard
  • Largely maintenance-free, low wear
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AS 7 wire rope hoist

System benefits:

  • Innovative drive: cylindrical rotor motor with single-disc magnetic brake
  • Particularly suitable for systems manufacture
  • Small dimensions and approach dimensions for optimum utilisation of space
  • Also available as twin hoist (higher S.W.L., hoisting speed, height of lift)
  • Simple maintenance: all fundamental components easily accessible
  • Lifetime lubrication of all gear steps in oil bath
  • Optionally available in explosion-protected design in compliance with ATEX
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AS 7 twin wire rope hoist

System benefits:

  • Compact dimensions
  • Great height of lift
  • High hoisting speed
  • Safe working load up to 125 t
  • Extremely favourable price-performance ratio
  • Innovative drive: cylindrical rotor motor with monodisc magnetic brake
  • Particularly suited to systems manufacture
  • Simple maintenance: all important components easily accessible
  • Lifetime lubrication of all gear steps in oil bath
  • As an option in explosion-protected design in compliance with ATEX
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Explosion-protected wire rope hoists

System benefits:

  • The world’s leading supplier of explosion-protected crane technology
  • Our own production ensures maximum safety and quality standards
  • Approvals from PTB and many international inspection authorities
  • Design and maintenance in accordance with ATEX and IECEx
  • The first complete hoist programme for Zone 1 or Zone 2 and Zones 21 or 22
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TDC Twin Drive Concept

System benefits:

  • Meets the requirements of German Industrial Standard EN 14492-2
  • Two synchronously controlled hoist motors and brakes
  • Continuous monitoring of brakes, drives and load
  • Double gear and brake safety
  • Robust, fully encapsulated system
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SW winch

System benefits:

  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Low approach dimensions thanks to short wheelbase
  • Reduced wear on rope and sheaves thanks to optimised angled return sheaves
  • Finely graded load capacities 
    from 32 t to 160 t
  • Two frame sizes: SW 10 (32 t to 100 t) and SW 16 (50 t to 160 t)
  • Modular design for fast erection, easy maintenance and cost-effective production
  • Powerful 4-pole hoist motor
  • Frequency inverters on all drives ensure smooth starting and braking characteristics and minimum load swing
  • Continuous temperature control ensures longer service life of hoist and travel motors
  • Fast commissioning thanks to pre-installed panel boxes
  • Condition monitoring ensures fast error analysis and maintenance 
  • Непрерывный контроль температуры обеспечивает более длительный срок службы подъемных и ходовых двигателей.
  • Быстрый ввод в эксплуатацию благодаря предварительно установленным панельным коробкам
  • Мониторинг состояния обеспечивает быстрый анализ ошибок и техническое обслуживание
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SHW 8 winch

System benefits:

  • Series components from the SH range, field-proven in thousands of applications
  • Modular design for cost-effective individual solutions, simple transport and speedy erection
  • Versatile drive technology meets demanding specifications:
    3 hoist motors up to 38 kW with two speeds in a ratio of 1:6 and 5 hoist motors up to 98 kW and stepless speed control All travel drives with smooth starting characteristics
  • Overload cut-off pre-set during manufacture
  • Plug-in electrics for fast, error-free assembly on site and easy replacement of components
  • Compact headroom thanks to innovative rope drive design
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