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Pavement crane

Charge crane is actively used in smelting shops of metallurgical plants, as well as copper production enterprises. Its functions include: loading scrap, defective anodes, cathodes, trimming copper sheets, regeneration copper into PU-Z anode furnaces. Similar equipment is also used for cutting openings and installing pouring chutes.

Designation of a cartoon metallurgical crane

The main load-gripping organ for the crane, the main trunk, which is not possible when the trough is buried, and it is necessary to wrap it up. Configuration is in progress allowing the classification of the crane yak multi-loading crane

Cartoon crane warehouse

Below are described the parameters of one of the typical crane options. Regardless of the requirements of the deputy, you can change the type and type of kit.


It is a rough, spacious structure that can be folded from a bridge and support.
The metal structure is zharna. It is stored from two head and two end beams. The support of the bridge is grounded on two legs, with a crossbar.

Mechanism of oversupply:

Mechanism of oversupply is stored in 4 wheels, gearboxes, electric motors. This design allows the technology to reach the shrinkage of 50 meters in khvili. The maximum rate of oversupply is to accumulate for the needs of the deputy.


The frame is made of two parts: turning and non-turning.

The multi-loading crane is equipped with a counter, which is necessary for a temporary trunk with a vantage.

Strumoprovid universities

Sharzhirny crane of possession of a trolley-type pipe line.


Dzherelom zhivlennya a three-phase netting of a changeable strum 50 Hz ± 2 Hz with a nominal voltage of 380 V.