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Special pincer bridge crane

A special tick-borne bridge crane is equipped with controlled tongs designed for gripping and transporting hot or cold slabs, blooms, ingots, billets and profiles for steel production. Tick-borne crane is used in metallurgical production in conditions of increased dustiness, high temperatures and heavy operating conditions.

The mechanical pliers for the jaw crane can be equipped with an auto-mechanical gripper and are equipped with 2, 4 or 6 pairs of gripping arms. When operating such tongs, no manual labor is required, since the automatic latch fixes the tongs in the open state and automatically releases the lock when lowering onto the slab. When using motorized tongs, lifting operations are carried out using an additional drive.

Special bridge cranes are used to service heating furnaces and supply heated ingots to the rolling mill. In addition to the main technological operations for the movement of slabs, tick cranes with the help of an auxiliary lifting mechanism can perform other lifting and transport operations.

Tick-borne cranes have a version with a rotating trolley, which has an upper swivel part, and a traverse with pliers installed on it. The pliers can be equipped with a rotating head that allows rotation around a vertical axis.

When assembling the crane assemblies, we take into account the technological specifics of the customer's production, as well as the individual requirements reflected in the terms of reference for the crane. In the production of the bridge crane, we use components from leading manufacturers and trusted suppliers.

Below are the technical characteristics of the basic range of overhead traveling cranes. At your request, the values ​​of the parameters can be changed, for this, fill out the questionnaire on the bridge with a special tick-borne crane.

For recommendations on the selection of the appropriate parameters of the crane to Guminyuk Grigori +38 050 381-52-70