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ATHLO chain

The ATHLO chain series, our latest generation of chain hoists, is designed for loads up to 5 t. At the launch of the new series, we are offering this model for loads up to 2.500 kg with further options to follow in the coming months.

ATHLO chain combines high security, performance and usability with easy maintenance and a long service life. The modern design features a newly constructed interior and all-new mechanical components. ATHLO chain is easy to use and delivers top performance in different conditions.

In addition to the standard version, ATHLO chain SL is equipped with frequency inverter for sensitive movement. ATHLO chain SL is designed for loads from 125 kg to 2,500 kg.

  • Higher durability

The hoist motor with its new 4:1 ratio and redesigned cooling fins provides a better cooling in order to extend the service life of the hoist. ATHLO chain offers a new design for activating the limit switch which works flawlessly both in everyday usage and different conditions.

  • Easiest maintenance

ATHLO chain is low maintenance because both the hoist gear and bearings are designed to last a lifetime. All components are easily accessible, and no special tools are necessary to exchange components and install spare parts.

  • Higher performance, better handling

The new chain bag helps the chain run quietly and smoothly thus preventing an accumulation of the chain. To ensure top quality, we build the gears with an extended speed range ourselves in house. The compact design and new upper-eye suspension produce an increased lifting height at the same suspension height.

  • Improved safety

The new break is designed to handle 1 million cycles or up to a lifetime with the proper handling. It responds instantly when the power is turned off. The slipping clutch has a larger diameter and additional grooves to improve the cooling effect of the gear oil and increase its overall service life. Thanks to the new suspension bracket, a push or motor trolley can be installed using a special safety pin – with no further tools required.

  • Gentle operation

Low noise emissions, sensitive handling of the load with frequency inverter.

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Electric Chain Hoists Brochure

ATHLO belt

ATHLO belt presents its advantages wherever cleanliness and safety are important. The numerous series features enable reliable and always safe operation. It can also be optimally adapted to individual requirements. In addition to the already available models with stainless steel components, further components in stainless steel will follow.

ATHLO belt is designed for the food sector, the chemical/pharmaceutical industry and for all comparable industries.

  • Optimal use of space

Minimal C-dimensions enable the optimal building design and the maximum use of the available working space.

  • Safety & Cleanliness

The high-tenacity and durable hoisting belt is ideal for applications in clean environments. The overload protection installed as standard prevents hoisting in the event of overload. Another protective device is the overheat protection, which is also installed as standard.

  • Extended offer

Numerous options such as frequency inverter, hot-dip galvanized trolley plates, construction elements with stainless steel components, Dynema belt and models for further loads will follow.

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Electric Chain Hoists Brochure


Our electric chain hoists from the CHAINster series are designed for loads up to 5 t. They offer high durability and flexibility to handle various types of loads. We have designed the CHAINster series to help you ensure fast, efficient and smooth operations. In addition to the standard model, CHAINsterGT is also equipped with a cross travel frequency inverter drive, overload protection and non-contact limit switches for precise movement.

  • Optimum use of space

Compact design, minimal hook dimensions, space-saving trolleys.

  • High operational safety

Emergency stop button, 48 volts contactor control, drop-stop, robust aluminum casing.

  • Gentle operation

Low noise emissions, low load swing and smooth load movements controlled by trolley and inverter.

  • Low installation & maintenance costs

Standardized electrical modules, comfortable access thanks to modular construction, time saving adjustment of trolley flange width.

  • RoHS compliant (EU)

Strengthens the confidence into the product.

  • Safe, rapid load handling, optimal service life
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Electric Chain Hoists Brochure

ATHLO chain EX Zone 22

The ATHLO chain EX Zone 22 series combines the advantages of our proven chain hoist with the operational capability for potentially explosive atmospheres. The new generation of explosion-proof electric chain hoists is designed for loads from 160 to 1,000 kg (further loads will follow).

The chain hoists comply with the applicable national and international norms and safety standards (ATEX, IECEx, NEC) and can be used flexibly. The aspects of safety, product service life, ease of maintenance, performance and easy usage were the focus of the development.

  • Compliance with all current strict ATEX regulations as well as all necessary European directives and standards
  • Proper sealing under various environmental conditions
  • Maximum surface temperature of 120 degrees, overheating not possible
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Electric Chain Hoists Brochure


The SKex series for loads up to 5,000 kg meet the highest European and international safety standards. Our products can be used in zones 1 and 2 for gas protection as well in zones 21 and 22 for dust protection.

SKex is reliable and built to last with low maintenance, wear and tear. With SKex, implementing explosion-proof crane systems with very specific requirements is no problem.

  • Robust housing and components
  • Custom configurations
  • Compact design and optimal approach dimensions
  • Explosion-proof control panel
  • Contactor control with main contactor and transformer
  • Motor and break with pressure-resistant encapsulation (Ex d) and temperature control through a PTC thermistor
  • Slipping clutch as overload protection
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