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Installation of all types of lifting cranes

Today, no construction company or construction site can do without special lifting mechanisms. Hoisting cranes are quite common hoisting devices. They easily lift various loads to great heights.

Installation of cranes is carried out in stages.

First, preparatory work is carried out before installation. So, the preparatory stage:

  • Delivery. The crane is delivered with the help of special tractors to the agreed place, and already there work begins on its assembly.
  • Preparation of a special site. Next, the preparation of the site begins, where the main assembly process of the crane will be carried out. The site is cleared and cables with electricity are brought to it to power the crane.
  • Installation of crane tracks. On the already prepared territory, rail tracks are being mounted and prepared for operation, along which the crane will move.

Crane installation methods

After the completion of the preparatory work, the installation of the crane begins. It is important that during the assembly process all the rules and regulations of the technological process are observed. The further use of the crane depends on the quality of the installation.

There are several ways to install cranes, depending on the crane model and the conditions of the construction area:

  • Assembling a crane indiscriminately is the fastest and easiest way. This method requires the most suitable conditions and a lot of space, as the folded boom of the crane rests on the ground all the way, and then is lifted with the help of assembly winches. This method allows you to shorten the preparatory work and reduce labor costs for installation.
  • Mounting a crane with a stationary mast is the most common method. All parts of the crane are placed in the required sequence on the prepared site, and then assembled as a constructor. The advantage of this method is the absence of special requirements and conditions for the site. But, large expenditures of human labor are required, since work is carried out at a high altitude, and additional mechanisms can also be used.
  • Installation of cranes is carried out using a remote control panel for electrical circuits in order to avoid accidents at work.

Installation of an overhead crane

Installation of overhead cranes, in most cases, is carried out using jib or tower rail cranes, which are designed to install building structures. Also, self-propelled jib cranes are used.

Installation of a bridge-type crane using a match is used when it is impossible to use other lifting mechanisms.

Installation of a double girder crane

Installation of a double-girder overhead crane is distinguished by the scale of the work performed. The installation of this technique takes place only after hours. If an object is being erected, for example a warehouse, the work of which will be associated with the use of a crane, the girder hoist should only be installed during construction.

Installation of double girder cranes can only be carried out by qualified personnel.

Gantry crane installation

The gantry crane, by its design, belongs to the bridge type of cranes, but in structure it is more complex and has large dimensions. Thus, the installation of gantry cranes is a complex, time-consuming and laborious process.

Installation of this type of crane can be done in different ways, depending on the size of the installation site and the structure of the crane. The work is performed by one or several teams of assemblers. The term of work on the assembly of the gantry crane is from 10 days to 3 months.

Crane beam installation

The installation of the crane beam is carried out using such devices as a self-propelled assembly crane, an assembly mast or metal structures of the building frame (columns, trusses). Regardless of the installation method, the work is carried out in stages:

  • The parts of the girder are laid out at the installation site;
  • A crane is assembled on a crane runway;
  • Raise the bridge;
  • Install a crane beam.

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