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Leveling of crane runways is an engineering and geodetic work that involves measuring the main parameters of crane runways, their geometric characteristics and location in space.

Leveling a crane runway requires high skill and professionalism of a surveyor, his experience, as well as accurate and high-quality equipment.

In order to determine the cost and term of these works, it is necessary to know the location of the crane runway, the height of the work, the length of the section, the availability of access, etc. Only after receiving complete information, the employee can start the process.

When carrying out such work as leveling, it is recommended to make a geodetic survey of cranes that are used in this crane runway. This survey allows you to determine the condition of the cranes and their characteristics.

Also, about once a year, a crane inspection report is required, which is issued on the basis of a geodetic survey. When leveling the crane tracks, their profiles are drawn up and the actual state of the crane tracks is determined.

Straightening and repair of crane runways

If necessary, repair or straightening of crane runways is carried out. General repair of crane runways is a technological process that includes:

  • replacement of worn-out rails;
  • repair of rail joints;
  • straightening of the crane runway along the height of the rail heads;
  • straightening of the crane runway along the axes of the rail.
  • It is important, before starting the repair, to install the belay cable, turn off the trolleys of the bridge cranes in the repair area. And also, fence off the repair area, prepare the welding transformer, materials and necessary equipment.

The straightening of the crane runways is performed if a deviation of the distance between the axes of the rails in the span is found to be higher than the permissible norm, in cases of uneven settlement of the columns of the hull building, etc.

Observe all the rules of operation, repair and safety standards at your enterprise, and your equipment will work properly for many years, and most importantly, it will be safe for the life of personnel.

Leveling of crane runways is a guarantee of safe operation of crane equipment.